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Welcome to Triggy's Fantasy Formula1 League for 2008.
This is a free to enter, non-profit competition with entry open to absolutely anyone who wishes to.

All race winners, cycle winners and the overall winner will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the season, with the prize being an official team shirt from your choice of manufacturer!

Playing the Game
You have £85 million to spend on your team to choose a combination of drivers and manufacturers from the FIA Formula One World Championship. Once these have been chosen, they will score points in every race that they take part in and these points will be added to your overall total.
You also have the chance to make transfers as the season progresses to try and improve your team or replace manufacturers/drivers who have been underperforming. The drivers and manufacturers have a value that may change as the season progresses to reflect their previous performances - you may even end up with a team whose total value exceeds the £85 million you started with!
The current scores, leaderboard, transfer values and all other information regarding Triggy's Fantasy Formula One League may be found at
If you have any questions or wish to enter Triggy's Fantasy Formula One League please e-mail

Name Teamname Total points
1Rob ExelbyBaxter Racing1071
2Tristan LomasThe Curious Flying Wombats997
3Jacques LomasThe Team That Won Last Year947.75
4Colin HallamNeon Penguin927.25
5Ben ShepherdSheepherder835.5
6Luke RichardsonSimpson's Supersonic Racers818.75
7Abbie SelbyI'm gonna beat Damian!!!804.5
8Doug KightleyTeam Tortoise797
9Mike TurnerMikeLaren787.25
10Lawrence KnowlesAnybody's Guess782.75
11Steve BocockSelect 08.e774.75
12Teddy ShawSuper Shaw Aguri772.25
13David ShepherdShifters765
14Max MessengerThe Team That Lost Last Year754.75
15Gareth SelbyTorro Gazzo750.25
16Ben Wilson-MawerMuppet Racers730.75
17Mark PikeSpike's Squadron709.25
18Clare AblethorpeF1 Hotties705.25
19Kibonzo KibzKiby's Kars695.5
20Damian SelbyTeam Damo675.25
21Greg HopkinsonGreg's GP XI651.75
22Nicholas GeeringRabobank428.75
23Dean NewcombeGuestermation347.25
24neil smithsmithers41
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