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Welcome to Triggy's Fantasy Formula1 League for 2011.
This is a free to enter, non-profit competition with entry open to absolutely anyone who wishes to.

Playing the Game
You have £85 million to spend on your team which consists of a combination of 4 drivers and 2 manufacturers from the FIA Formula One World Championship. Once these have been chosen, they will score points in every race that they take part in and these points will be added to your overall total.
You also have the chance to make transfers as the season progresses to try and improve your team or replace manufacturers/drivers who have been underperforming. The drivers and manufacturers have a value that may change as the season progresses to reflect their previous performances - you may even end up with a team whose total value exceeds the £85 million you started with!

All race winners, cycle winners and the overall winner will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the season, with the prize being an official team shirt from your choice of manufacturer!

If you have any questions please e-mail fantasyf1@triggy.co.uk

Next Race Info
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Race date:
14:00 16-03-2014

Transfer cut-off:

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